Loan Modifications and their Attorneys

I do not know anything about this website, but I found this post amusing in light of Florida’s strict rules about loan modification companies:

“There is no reason why people can’t arrange their own loan modification by contacting the loss mitigation dept at their bank. But it seriously is not advisable – the banks often only offer a very slight reduction in interest, or no reduction at all. It’s much better to engage the services of an established loan modification firm, which has its own team of loan modification attorneys, who do nothing but meet with banks all day every day and have the knowledge and experience to achieve a substantial lowering. Doing it alone is akin to representing oneself in a court of law – it’s seriously not recommended.”

Seriously?  In Florida, that’s not allowed.  They go on to claim that loan modification companies attorney’s can get you a 30% to 50% better deal.  I have no idea if that is true, but you’ll never really get to find out in Florida.


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