Palm Beach Judge (might be) in Foreclosure

The Palm Beach Post report today that a Circuit Court Judge has claimed TWO properties he owned as his homestead.  Of course, typically, you can only have ONE property claimed as homestead.  A nemesis of the Judge has apparently filed a complaint with the Florida Bar over the issue.  For most of my readers, that’s immaterial.  The interesting upshot is this:

“(Property Appraiser Representative Pat) Poston said the issue is slightly complicated because Colin’s house in Atlantis is in foreclosure. Although court records indicate it is, Colin said it isn’t. “I modified my mortgage but it’s not in foreclosure,” he said. He is also paying off a $35,516 lien from the IRS for unpaid taxes in 2002.”

I always find it interesting when large businesses/property owners go into foreclosure.  A sitting Judge is a whole different matter.

As to whether there is a pending foreclosure suit.  I found this and found it interesting.  Worth noting, that if the Complaint was served, a responsive pleading wasn’t filed within twenty days pursuant to Florida law.


2 Responses to Palm Beach Judge (might be) in Foreclosure

  1. Imagine if it was you or someone you may know. Not only would they have been stripped of there duties, I am sure there would be criminal matters as well. Seems that its not a level playing field. Very interesting stuff. Keep em coming. thanks

  2. Red Bull says:

    That would be JUDGE MARTIN H. COLIN….

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