Fraud in Foreclosure Process

While it seems like the idea of non-judicial foreclosures in Florida has lost steam, there just keep being more and more reminders of why due process is so essential in foreclosure cases.  Now, the problems of Florida’s foreclosure mill law firms is finally getting some national attention.  Today, the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog noted:

“Now one judge in Florida has ruled there was “fraud” by a bank in a foreclosure case, raising questions about how banks — and so-called foreclosure “mill” law firms that work for banks — are attempting to claim homes from borrowers in default. Here’s the WSJ story….

The Florida case, U.S. Bank v Ernest Harpster, was dismissed last month by Judge Lynn Tepper of Pasco County after she found that an “assignment of mortgage” filed in the case, which was meant to show how U.S. Bank obtained ownership of the mortgage, was false. The document (seen at the bottom of this link) was dated 2007 but the judge found it was created in 2008.”

Check out the story for some great links.


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